Saturday, September 3, 2011

Keep You Safer with little work, InteliGator - Online Investigations

Some people rely on word of mouth in the case of judging one into their comfort zone. In few cases it's not a choice. I've had many situations where people where ,in a sense, thrown in to my life. Forcing me to give a level of trust out that normally I wouldn't be so quick to do so. As a result a lot of worrying days.
One situation that stands out in my head as I write this Blog ,was a painful one. It was father's Day of 2001, I got a call from my daughter about her mother's boy friend. she was telling me how he scars her and he is always yelling and stuff. As a father my first reaction was not good ,I pick up the phone call her mother while garbing my car keys. She begged me not to come to the house , saying everything was o.k. By now I'm RED HOT!!! I get to the house and find my baby girl looking out the window, with in one blink she was gone. Than the front door opened and she jumped in my arms. Her grip was so tight, I could feel her heart beating hard and fast. Her breaths were short and fast, I held her tight saying Baby Girl Daddy's Here. It's O.Kay!! I reassured her while I walk her to my car. Putting her in the front seat, she grab the seat belt and strapped herself in.
After letting her tell me everything I went into the house to talk to her mother. The result a heated argument. It end with me tell her I was taking my daughter for a couple of days. She new it was the only way to prevent me from loosing my cool and our daughter to feel safe. I knew nothing about this guy but the basics Name,Cell number and Age. So sending my child back in that house was out of the question.
Getting her back to our house and tucked in to bed, I kissed her good night and returned to my office. There I contemplated many options - roads to take dealing with this situation. before anything I had to get info on this guy. With some searching and testing I found InteliGator InteliGator Click Here!. i researched it on Google and than put it to work for me. With the little bit of info I had they really supplied me with more info about this guy than I expected. They gave me choices of what kind of info I wanted like
1. Nationwide Criminal Check
2. Arrests, Convictions and Felonies
3. Criminal Driving Violations
4. Sex Offender Check
5.Civil Judgments
6.Bankruptcies and Liens
7.Relatives and Associates
I was able to get all the info I needed to take the right road to taking care of this problem. What I found blew my mind and once my child's mother saw it - it blew her's to. Ending result he was gone with in the hour.I didn't get a thank you from here ( My Daughters Mother)but did get to see the sparkle in my Baby Girl's eye's. That's all I need!!!!!! I don't only stand by this system, I thank them for making it. IT'S EASY TO USE!! BARE MINIMUM NEEDED TO GET THE ANSWERS YOU NEED!! EVEN LOCATION!!

Income Information
Age/Date of Birth
Address History
Property Ownership
Aliases/Maiden Name
Possible Neighbors
Death Index


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